Description: Readers (Lectors) are liturgical ministers who proclaim the scripture readings at Sunday and daily Masses.  Through prayerful proclamation Readers embody the Sacred Word in a very special way. This requires a number of people to be able to fill this schedule and we are always looking for new people.  It is a most worthwhile ministry and an honor to share the Word of God. Lectors are especially needed at the 7AM and 6PM Masses.

Requirements: Students ages 10 and above, adults, as well as experienced readers new to St. Catherine of Siena who are interested in this important ministry of the Word.

Time Commitment: Serve at pre-scheduled Masses and attend training as required.

Helpful Attributes: The ability to read clearly in order to share the Word of God.

Training Required: Attendance at one of the periodic workshops.

Contact: Aggie Palsha: 727.531.7721 (Parish Office)